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Below I have basically reproduced the programme from the conference. I have added summaries for the workshops I attended, could everyone please send me summaries from the workshops they attended?

MedSIN Annual Conference Cambridge
Saturday 3rd November

Projects to Provide Essential Medicines in Developing Countries
Chair Dr David Barnes: Medecins Du Monde
Mike Rowson: Health and Globalisation

Nathan Ford: Overview of the Access to Medicines Crisis
Dr. Nancy Tokola: Access to Pharmaceuticals in Emerging Democracies: Central
and Eastern Europe

General Discussion and Questions

Panel Debate - This House Believes That Drug Companies Are Entitled To Defend Their Patent Rights In Developing Countries
Chair: Mr. C.R. Constant: Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Medical Lawyer,
Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge
Dr. Marthe Everard: WHO, Technical Officer, Essential Drugs and Medicines
Vicki Ehrich: Director of External Relations HIV/AIDS GlaxoSmithKline, South
David Earnshaw: Brussels European Union Office of Oxfam International


Nathan Ford: Increasing Access to Medicines: Campaigning for Change

Dr. Marthe Everard: WHO

Dr. J.M. Boon: Access to Healthcare: A Rural South African Perspective
Dr Boon a Family Physician from Mamelodi Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa. He showed us pictures of the hospital and some gory photos of patients.

Dr. Keith Brent: CPR in Schools
This paediatrician is hoping to send medical students into schools to teach CPR as at present it is not part of the National Curriculum. It hasnt been set up anywhere yet, but it is on its way and Im sure Im going to hear more as he has got my email!

MedSIN: China Project

MedSIN: Running MedSIN: How to Keep your Group Going

MedSIN Sheffield: The Sign Project: Deaf Awareness and Learning Sign Language

David Earnshaw: Access to Essential Medicines

Mike Rowson: Debt: It's Not Over Yet
Speaking on behalf of the political pressure group Medact Mike Rowson gave a brief history of world economics to explain how westernised countries, on the back of their wealth, supported many third world countries with low interest loans. However as aresult of the oil crisis in the seventies and the consequential world wide recession most of the borrowing countries have been left with such a large degree of debt that they cannot even make interest payments and show no signs of ever being able to do so.
Recently the leaders of the G7 nations acknowledged that much more iss needed to be done in thehopes of providing debt relief in the third world. However only 5 out of 40 eligible countries have received debt relief. Thus the campaign continues.....

Simon Janes: Organising IFMSA Exchanges

Nidhi Gupta: Calcutta Village Project or Corruption

MedSIN Nottingham: Kenyan Orphan Project

Neil Datta: Homelessness in London and the UCL workshop

Sunday 4th November

How Is Healthcare Compromised During War And Conflict?
Chair: Dr. Nancy Tokola
Dr. Dirk Jan Pot: Medecins du Monde - Involved, Not Involved: The Challenge of
Conflict for a Doctor
Jean-Michel Piedagnel: MSF-UK Director - Experiences from the Field
Dr. Michael Wilks: BMA - Obstacles to Quality Care for Asylum Seekers: A Medical Perspective

Different Philosophies Of Healthcare: How Do People From Different Backgrounds Access Healthcare?
Dr. Scambler: Identifying Access Needs - Director, Unit of Sociology, Department
of Psychiatry
Dr. Mala Rao: Ethnic Minorities - Director of Public Health, South Essex
Dr. Bob Leckridge: The Philosophy of the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital


Jean-Michel Piedagnel: MSF- Conflict and Health

Dr. Eva Gamarnikow: Access to Healthcare: A Human Rights

Dr. Bob Leckridge: Exploring Complementary Therapies

Dr. Dirk Jan Pot: Medicins du Monde - Medicine in the Field: How to Adapt your Practice

Dr. Nancy Tokola: Palliative care: Cultural Diversity and
Traditional and Complementary Therapies
Nancy Tokola; Palliative Care
An overview of folklore, orthodox, complementary and traditional medicine wrt to pain relief. Very interesting; her presenattion will be on the medSIN website soon. My favorite quote was from a folklore; A remedy for constipation pain was a type of stomach 'rid the body of residing the evil octopus'!!!

Medicsworld: Electives Talk

Dr. Mala Rao: Opportunities for Improving Access to Healthcare

Dr. Catherine Hewitt: Running a General Practice for Homeless People

Dr. Graham Scambler: Multiculturalism

MedSIN: IFMSA exchanges
Summary: One of the main aims of MedSIN in the coming years is to get IFMSA exchanges set up in every medical school in the country. The exchanges take place during clinical SSMs for one month.
The co-ordinators will be sending more information on how to set them up and since it has already been done in several medical schools already there are templates for letters we can use.

David Wetherall: Skillshare
Presentation about Skillshare and how returning development workers could be utilised as resources for interested medical students such as us for information about their particular projects and healthcare in the developing countries.
Skillshare places medical proffessionals for one or two years in communities who need assistance in rebuilding (eg after a period of famine or war) or establishing health care centres, clinics, immunisation units etc.

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