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Meetings and minutes
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Next committee meeting
Thursday 17th January

Monthly Meeting
31st January 2002
Time + Venue TBA

Minutes of MedSIN meeting 10.01.02

Present: Elaine, Vicky, Kristen, Debbie, Anna, Tas, Anita, Rob, and Bruce.

1. Unireps conference
If we hold the conference at the medical school it will cost lots of money (180 for a small lecture theatre, porters 16/hr, technicians 36/hr).
It seems the Union is a much better option, as it is free to hire.
We would need to hire a PowerPoint projector from somewhere. (Cost?)
Unfortunately the Union doesnt open until 3pm on a Sunday, so we would need to pay for staff.
Will we be able to charge for the conference to pay for costs such as these?
We are applying to the Union for special funding, we need to decide what to put on the form.
The programme is already arranged (lectures am/workshops pm), but we need to organise a social event for Saturday night. It was suggested we could get on a guest list somewhere; how would we do this and would there be too many of us (70-80 people if everyone from the conference came)?
Where to go? Ideas: Horny, Infinity, Walkabout, Springbok, a pub-crawl.
Debbie will ask about Springbok contact.
Elaine will speak to Yvonne (MDU) about providing food. She will also write a letter to the Union outlining what we want.
We need more people to help out with:
The reception on Friday
Generally over the weekend
Tas will make posters asking for help. She will also talk to Zoe, who is on the Marrow committee, asking if they would like to house some people for us. Darren could ask MedSex people.
Everyone needs to work out how many people their house can hold. Bruno has 2 spaces.
Will there be anyone from St. Andrews at the conference? It could be a good way to get them involved.

2. St. Andrews
We can speak to them when they come down to Manchester in February. Also well speak to representatives at the Unireps conference.

3. Party
Originally there was an idea for a Valentines Day themed party, but it is too close to the conference, which is that weekend.
New suggested date: Wednesday 6th March.
Where shall we have the party? Debbie will find out about football team contacts. Tas and Anita will look into venues.

4. Lectures in March
There will be enough time in March to have a couple of lectures to promote MedSIN. Elaine could arrange for a Human Rights lecture. It could be in the form of a debate.
Debbie would like to do a seminar about the HOMED project. She will find out about existing projects involved with the homeless in Manchester, e.g. soup runs.

5. Booklet idea
We will come back to this at a meeting in the future

6. Monthly meeting
31st January. We need to develop an action plan for this meeting.

7. Projects
- Global Health Studies
Kristen will go and see Paul ONeill and kick some butt(!) over his apparently not agreeing to the format of the questionnaires. Elaine will ask Alice what he said originally.
- MedEx
- International Exchanges
The proposal, which is on the Exchanges Smartgroup, needs to be read through and adapted.

8. Other things
Julia Hopkinson in the Stopford Undergraduate office will send out emails to the 1st and 2nd years.

Next meeting
Thursday 17th January

Minutes of MedSIN Committee Meeting held at Fuel on 25th October 2001

Present: Elaine, Rachel.I, Anna, Rachel.H (New Hope Rep), Darren, Vicky, and Bruce.
Absent: Rob, Tas, Anita, and Kristen.

1. Conference
Everyone who wants to go has sent off their forms.
There is a train at 18:26 on the Friday, that well hopefully all get on (except Elaine who is going to London first).

2. Lectures
Disaster medicine posters to be sent by email for sector reps to put up on their boards (Elaine).
My Plesha conference posters sector reps to put these up too please.

3. Global Health
Kristen not here. Need to know when we can help her inputting data.
Questionnaires in Hope. Have they gone missing? (Rob)
Darren could ask whether it is possible that the questionnaire could be put on the web in South with the evaluation forms.
So far only a low response rate from 2nd and 5th years.

4. Email List
Anna has sent out an email asking people if they still want to remain on the mailing list.
She has also produced a list of email addresses from the last meeting.
We need the OBR email addresses off of Rob.

5. MedSEX
Meeting went really well.
Darren will forward the training dates to everyone.
My Plesha 17th 18th November, Liverpool, only 5 pounds.

6. Operation Book Relief (OBR)
Rob not here.

7. Smartgroups
Those who havent yet, go to, find the MedSIN group and register. This will keep you in contact with what is going on in MedSIN on a national scale.

8. Newsletter
We need all the project coordinators to write small pieces about their projects to go in a newsletter (with contact email at the bottom). Send it to Tas and/or Anita when it is done.
Can this be done in the next week? It would be great to get the newsletter out before we went to the conference.
The Website. How do we get a link to the MedSIN and Manchester University websites? Elaine will ask Ed.

9. Monthly meeting
Next one Wednesday 28th November, around 7pm, Stopford.
Bring up the possibility of having the conference here next year. The theme maybe being related to human rights, as weve got good contacts in this area.

10. Medstart
Elaine has been getting emails from Medstart about buying medical textbooks in bulk to sell. Is there a market for this as the MSRC and websites offer the books at reduced prices already?

Curry, this Wednesday (31st October), meet in Hardys Well at 8pm.

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